Recognizing Paris for Her Positive Impact on Our Team

Recognizing Paris for Her Positive Impact on Our Team

We understand the power of recognition in our Horizon Executives office. Not only do we use it to say thank you to those who embrace our organization’s mission and values, but being recognized makes someone a role model for other brand advocates to emulate.

We have many ways of highlighting team members, including this blog. This month, we’d like to shine our Horizon Executives spotlight on Paris, one of our brand ambassadors and a rising star in our firm.

Paris is making a name for herself in the customer acquisition industry, and we’re sure that she is going to go far. Her work ethic is truly unique, and she’s displayed strong leadership skills by taking initiative and helping her colleagues achieve their goals.

One of Paris’ most impressive talents is time management. We know that if there is a deadline to meet, she will ensure that the project is done well and on time. She almost makes it look easy, in fact, which is why we think it’s even more important to say thank you to her. When ambassadors are so good at something they don’t seem to be trying, it’s easy to forget that excellence is never effortless, and should always be appreciated.

Paris has earned our trust, and our confidence in her continues to grow each day. To find out which of our talented team members we recognize next, follow Horizon Executives on Twitter.