PRESS RELEASE: Horizon Executives Benefits From National Conference

PRESS RELEASE: Horizon Executives Benefits From National Conference

WILMINGTON, NC – The CEO of Horizon Executives detailed a recent national conference attended by a few of the firm’s top performers. He also shared some of the best reasons for heading out to this type of industry event.

A few of the top leaders from Horizon Executives recently attended the national quarterly conference in Dallas. Those selected to attend were able to participate in several workshops, hear keynote speeches, and network with some of the most innovative high achievers in the nation. Gaige, the firm’s CEO, stated, “These conferences are a huge deal! We love attending them once a quarter.” He added that the tips and tricks learned at these events are provided by the most established leaders within the industry.

The knowledge and experiences shared at an event such as the national quarterly conference are impossible to find anywhere else. Along with these benefits, the Dallas trip also gave top Horizon Executives performers opportunities to expand their networks. Gaige noted that being surrounded by successful people is inspiring on its own, but being able to share insights is especially helpful. The firm’s brand advocates are sure to follow up with the new connections they make at conferences so they can continue to exchange ideas and offer advice going far into the future.

Horizon Executives’ CEO on Why Professionals Should Attend Conferences

Gaige believes in a few key positive outcomes from team travel events. Learning is obviously at the top of the list, with an amazing array of insights to be gained through breakout sessions, speeches, and discussions on the event floor. The CEO noted that people get to refine their time management skills due to all the helpful information on display at a big industry function. Strategic planning is essential in the competitive in-person marketing business, so getting stronger at managing time is a considerable advantage.

Networking potential is also very strong at events such as the Dallas conference. With every new addition to their Horizon Executives contact lists, team members give themselves another valuable career growth asset. Gaige added that along with the advice the firm’s brand advocates receive from their contacts, the company opens doors to future business opportunities with each new connection.

The fact that team members grow closer on a personal level through travel makes the investment even more rewarding. Combined with learning and networking, building stronger morale that fuels winning teamwork means every trip is a step closer to long-term prosperity.

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