An Innovative New Event-Based Marketing Company

An Innovative New Event-Based Marketing Company

“I’m excited to announce that Horizon Executives are open for business!” stated Gaige, our firm’s CEO. “We’re looking for talented brand advocates with growth mind-sets to help us reach our goals. Our focus is on developing key business skills and helping our team members stay ahead of industry trends. I’m excited to hit the ground running with success in sight.”

With the ultimate goal of developing future business owners, we offer hands-on training that takes new hires through every aspect of our operations. Gaige added, “Along with marketing and management basics, we also teach basic human resources functions. We want to help our team members become effective leaders who can run successful offices.”

Our team atmosphere is one where questions are encouraged. “We’re all about constant learning,” Gaige remarked. “Along with our in-depth initial training program, we’re committed to providing our people with a range of ongoing education opportunities. Travel incentives will also give our brand advocates plenty of chances to expand their horizons.”

Setting ambitious yet realistic goals will also be a point of emphasis within the Horizon Executives culture. Gaige commented, “I want our team members to set the bar higher with every achievement. Honest feedback and regular check-ins will be key elements of our team’s success when it comes to reaching their clear targets.”

Gaige is ready to deliver winning results for trusted internet, TV, and phone providers. Follow Horizon Events on Twitter to keep up with our progress.